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5 Summer Cleaning jobs you need to do

During the summer months you may be home more during the day and you may be using your home differently to escape the heat outside. It’s important that your home feels comfortable and clean all year round but during the summer, here are a few jobs you need to move to the top of your list:

Clean your windows:

Your windows are doing a lot to keep out the heat and bugs. You can help by making sure they are clean—especially the screens and tracks. Take some time to take the screens off your windows and give them a good rinse. Wipe down the tracks of your windows to remove dust and anything else that may have slipped in. You’ll be surprised how this quick chore can impact your home.

Dust your fans:

During the summer months you’re probably using your fans more often. Now is a great time to wipe down the blades of fans and make sure they are spreading air, not dust. Use an old pillowcase over the entire blade to keep the dust from falling onto the ground below.

Organize your pantry:

With more bugs and ants more active in the heat, it’s important to get rid of anything that might attract them inside the house. Inspect your pantry and get rid of any food items that have been left open too long or have expired. Air-tight containers are a great investment to not only organize your pantry but keep pests from accessing your food too.

deep clean the grill:

Tis the season for outdoor cooking! Between each use, it’s important to make sure your grill is being cleaned. Allow the grill to keep heating at the highest setting for about 15 minutes after cooking. While it is hot, scrape all remnants off the grill with a wire brush. Finish the cleaning by applying some canola oil to the grates using a paper towels and tongs. This will prevent food from sticking next time and help prevent rust too. For a deeper clean, try using a ball of aluminum foil clamped between tongs to scrub the grates and leave them shining.

clean outdoor furniture

If your outdoor furniture has been sitting in the sun, chances are it could use a refresh. Rinse fabrics with cold water to remove dust from the fibers. For tough, set in stains try scrubbing with a solution of dish soap and water and rinsing with cold water.