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How to protect your curtains from sun damage

It’s no secret that Arizona gets hot and while we notice right away the way the sun damages fabrics on the outside of our home, we often forget about the fabrics on the inside of our home. The fact is curtains can be a significant investment and then we place them across the window where they take a beating from the harsh rays of the sun. Over time, damage from the sun can lead to yellowing of white drapes and fading of bright colors. The sun also weakens fibers which can cause extensive damage if not washed properly.

Issues to watch for:

  1. Pet urine. Drapes that reach the floor are somehow magnets for pets marking their territory. If you spot any pet urine on your drapes you should have them washed immediately.
  2. Yellow streaks. Yellow streaks are a sign of sun rot. These streaks might not be too noticeable but they are a sign that the fabric will tear easily when washed.
  3. Cracking or peeling. Any cracking or peeling, especially on your curtain’s liner is a bad sign and may mean it’s time to replace.

Unfortunately, this damage is expected and there’s not too much that can be done to prevent it but there are a few things you can do to keep your curtains in good condition for longer.

  1. Add tint to your windows. Tinting your windows slightly is beneficial not only for your curtains but also for your energy bill.
  2. Invest in quality curtains. Quality curtains will have a quality liner that provides insulation and protection from the sun.
  3. Hang sheer curtains inside. You might consider adding a second layer of curtains behind your curtains to further protect your fabrics. A sheer curtain is often less expensive than a more dense fabric and can provide a valuable separation from the direct light.
  4. Perform regular maintenance every three to six months. Curtains naturally absorb the dust and smells in your home and just like bedding it’s important to clean them regularly. This also gives a chance for you to inspect for any weakening fibers or fading.