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Reward Programs

Earn points and benefits with every dollar you spend at Prestige Cleaners.

Recycle Hanger Caddy

Loyalty Rewards PRogram

Rack up your loyalty points in Prestige Values and score an eco-friendly reusable bag to tote your dry cleaning items!

Points are automatically tracked and you are notified by email or text the credit dollars earned to redeem within 30 days.

Reusable Garment Bags

Prestige Values Program includes reusable garment bags as a reward for our customers who want to protect the environment. Just redeem your loyalty reward points for one of these sturdy (and stylish!) nylon bags.

Prestige App

Access exclusive promotions and deals via the Prestige App. There are no coupons to click or print.

Gift Cards

The perfect gift for busy professionals, overwhelmed parents, overworked teachers or just about anyone, Prestige gift cards are always appreciated. Contact Prestige Cleaners to purchase a gift card in any denomination you choose.

Hanger Recycling Program

Ask one of our staff members for a free hanger caddie. When full, return it and receive a credit off your next order.

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