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Beginning in 1996, Prestige Cleaners adopted the use of an alternative dry cleaning solution that’s gentle on garments, leaves no chemical odor, and is not considered hazardous by the EPA. We were the first in our market to adopt this solution.

Today, each one of our seven Scottsdale locations uses DF 2000, which is eco friendly. It’s considered one of the best solutions in the industry today, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the next improvement.

Scottsdale Dry Cleaning Laundry & Dry Cleaning Etiquette
Hanger Recycling Program
Don’t toss out hangers from Prestige Cleaners. Instead, ask one of our staff members for a free hanger caddie. When full, return it and receive $1 off your next order.

This program helps us all to reduce the 3.5 billion wire hangers that end up in landfills every year, totaling 312,000 pounds of steel.
Poly Bags/Packaging
Our packaging may include shoulder guards, pads, tissue, collar clips, dust covers, and poly so that your garments maintain the professional finishing right to your closet. However, if you prefer to eliminate any of these, we will be glad to note it in your personal account and omit it from your orders.
Reusable Garment Bags
Prestige Values Program includes reusable garment bags as a reward for our customers who want to protect the environment. Just redeem your loyalty reward points for one of these sturdy (and stylish!) nylon bags next time you swing by.