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Shirt Laundry

Busy professionals are constantly on the go, which is why Prestige Cleaners offers exceptional shirt laundry service at each of our seven Scottsdale locations and through our convenient home and office delivery service.

Having a clean and well-pressed business shirt conveys a sense of care and professionalism. You can count on Prestige Cleaners’ experienced staff to determine the ideal cleaning method for your dress shirt. Based on the care label and fabric of your shirt, we will either launder or dry clean your shirt.

Laundered shirts are inspected for stains and then washed in state-of-the-art commercial washers and pressed to exacting standards on automated shirt finishing equipment with a final hand finishing. Saving you time, Prestige launders and presses shirts according to each customer’s preference, while ensuring whites stay white and colors stay vibrant. We’re committed to excellence and take the extra time to address imperfections, replace buttons, or hand iron a seam. For the busy executive who travels for business, upon request, we can also starch, (and for an extra charge) individually fold and pack each shirt into a box.

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