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Wedding & Gown Preservation

Cherish your wedding forever with our expert wedding attire & bridal party alterations, as well as our preservation offerings. Prestige’s professional alterations, steam pressing, and preservation services include cleaning and hand-pressing your gown, which we deliver sealed in an archival preservation box.

Our garment care specialists offer extensive knowledge and expertise in preserving wedding gowns and special occasion dresses. We have painstakingly preserved thousands of gowns, each of which receives supreme care and attention. We can take care of any of your gown needs, whether you need it finished only, cleaned and finished, or cleaned and preserved for the next generation.

Prestige’s “Museum Style”
Heirloom Preservation System

Prestige preserves your wedding gown using the safest methods of removing body oils, make-up, hemline stains, plus food and beverage spills.
Proper cleaning and a proper storage environment are essential to preparing your gown for long-term safe-keeping.

wedding preservation

The Prestige Process

Moisture & Oxygen Control
Oxygen is purged from the sealed box and replaced with an inert gas, reducing the discoloring effects of oxidation. Agents are sealed with your keepsake to prevent mold and mildew.

Sealed Environment
Each exclusive storage box is encased with a clear seal that protects your keepsake from airborne contaminants, insect and pest damage.

Acid-Free Packaging
Interior surfaces and packing tissue are made of acid-free materials. This ensures the color-fastness of your keepsake.

Gown Warranty

Prestige Preservation Program guarantees your satisfaction.  Every preserved wedding gown comes with a written warranty!

Call (480) 948-2140 to schedule your bridal party’s steam only garments. Great for destination weddings here in Arizona!

wedding dress cleaning
Christening dress cleaning

Preserve & protect these cherished items:

  • Christening Gowns
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Military & Scouting Apparel
  • Baby Clothing
  • Flower Girl Dresses
  • First Communion Garments
  • Flags & Banners
  • Dance Recital Outfits