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Tips for storing a wedding gown

You found your person, you said “I do” and now the biggest question you have to answer is “What do I do with this dress?”

Your wedding gown was an investment in your big day and when the big day is done it becomes even more valuable with all of its sentimental value. So don’t let those memories fade or yellow! Prestige Cleaners offers wedding gown preservation to help protect that precious keepsake for years to come. 

We have been honored in our almost 60-year history to see even some granddaughters returning with dresses we preserved many years ago from their grandmothers. Proper preservation allows them to honor their family by giving those dresses new life.

Preserving a wedding gown is not an easy process and some brides may decide not to take this step when they learn about the cost, but what you may not know is there is a lot that goes into having your dress professionally preserved that just cannot be replicated when you try to do it yourself. 

The first step of the process is inspecting the dress. You may think you managed to escape the night without a blemish but our professionals know exactly where stains like to hide. They’ll make sure the train, the neckline, the armpits are all fully cleaned and each unique type of stain is carefully treated before the dress is saved. 

When purchasing your dress you may not have paid much attention to the care instructions on the tag but our experts know exactly where to look and how to ensure your dress gets the perfect clean.

storing a wedding gown

Once the dress is clean it is carefully placed in acid-free packing materials. This helps ensure your dress stays perfectly white and won’t yellow over time. The box is then sealed and all oxygen is removed.

We replace the oxygen in the box with an inert gas which also helps prevent discoloring of the fabric. This process also helps prevent mold or mildew.

Each dress is sealed in a storage box with a clear seal that keeps out any bugs or pests so your dress is fully protected. The entire process may take several weeks but each dress comes with a written warranty.

If your goal is to save your dress for years to come, the sooner you can have it preserved, the better. This will make removing stains easier because they have had less time to sit and will ensure the fabric is saved in peak condition.

You can bring your dress to Prestige Cleaners for preservation, or for a simple cleaning. Give us a call today to learn more about this service.

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