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Hop into spring with deep cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to shake off the dust throughout your home and start fresh.

If you have spent the winter staying home and snuggling up, your home may have accumulated a good amount of dust. It’s important to consider the items you don’t clean often to really provide your family a safe and clean space to relax. If you’ve got spring cleaning on the brain, here are a few tips to help you organize those thoughts:

Go room to room

Take a look at each room individually. After you complete your regular cleaning, consider the items that are more for décor but rarely get cleaned. When is the last time you pulled curtains off the walls? What about your bed skirt, duvet cover or pillow shams? All those household items should be cleaned by a professional at least twice a year for the best clean.

Dust it off

The biggest thing to think about is dust. Dust is made up of dead skin cells and can cause major breathing problems if left alone. You probably dust shelves and surfaces often but how often do you dust your ceiling fan, baseboards, cabinets and decorative ledges? It’s a good idea to start with the high points and work your way down through each room.

Deep dive in the kitchen

Kitchen surfaces and dishes get regular attention but during your spring cleaning, take some time to really go through your pantry and refrigerator. Check expiration dates on everything and keep a garbage can nearby. Clear out your cabinets and dust off lesser-used kitchen appliances as well so they’re nice and clean for the next use.

Involve everyone

Get your whole family involved in the cleaning. Even young kids can help with chores and decluttering. When the whole family is involved with the process the chances of it staying clean for longer are much higher. After the job is done, it’s a good time to have a conversation about how to manage chores in the future.


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