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Preserving your kids school uniforms

If you’ve spent a small fortune getting your child’s wardrobe ready for back to school, the last thing you want is to see those clothes fade or stain before the end of the year. But alas, kids are naturally tough on clothes. While your child’s school uniforms may not all make it to the end of the year here are a few tips to make them last as long as possible:

Name it

Write your child’s name on anything they might leave behind on the bus or on the playground. You probably already do this with lunch boxes and water bottles but take the time to write your child’s name on their sweaters and shoes too. If your child changes outfits during the day for PE or any other activities, adding a name to shirts, shorts, pants and skirts can be helpful too.

Invest in the best

Sometimes buying clothes that are better quality just makes sense. Look for something stain resistant that’s also easy to clean. Be sure and read the label beforehand so you know how to take proper care.

preserving school uniforms

Hang it

Create an afterschool habit of changing clothes right away and hanging them up. The less time your kids spend in their school uniforms, the longer they’ll last. When uniforms are hung up this also gives you an opportunity to search for and quickly treat stains.

Wash carefully

When it’s time to wash, separate clothes by color and use a detergent that protects colors from transferring. Most school uniforms will do best in cold water but it’s always a good idea to check the tag for the best information. Beware of special patches or embroidery on your child’s uniforms. It’s a good idea to wash a garment before adding these details. Once added, the garments may require to be hand-washed to prevent the stitching from coming loose.
To further prevent damage, choose to hang the clothes to air dry, rather than using the dryer which can speed up the breakdown of some fabrics.

We can’t promise your child’s uniform will look brand new all year but with a little extra care and some new habits you may save yourself some headaches later on. If you run into trouble you can always count on the expertise of the staff at Prestige Cleaners to help!