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Get ready for sweater weather! Four tips to get your wardrobe ready for fall

It has finally dipped below 100 degrees in Phoenix and that means it is almost time for sweater weather! If you’re ready to break out your boots and your comfiest knits, here are a few tips to make sure your sweaters are ready to be worn.

Step 1: Create space.

Knit fabrics do best when they can be folded, not hung and stretched out in a closet. Take some time to go through your summer wardrobe and pack away anything you won’t be needing for a while so you can bring your sweaters out of storage.

This is a good time to take stock of what fits and what doesn’t and make some donations if you need to. Wipe down the inside of your drawers to make sure they are free of any dust.

Step 2: Prepare to protect.

Moths and other insects seem to love sweaters–especially when they are stored in a drawer. As you are wiping down drawers, throw in some fresh cedar chips or lavender to add a small layer of protection and a lovely scent as well.

Knitted wool sweaters

Step 3: Inspect your knits.

It’s not uncommon for a thread or two to snag when sweaters are stored away for the summer. If you notice any snags, pull the thread from the inside to better hide it or bring your garment to a professional to see if it can be saved.

Step 4: Give them some air.

Your sweaters could probably use some fresh air before being worn again. Let them get some air for a day or two before you put them into a drawer, to allow any lingering smells to fade away. Better yet, bring them in to Prestige for a quick cleaning.

No matter the care needed, the professionals at Prestige can make sure your sweaters are good to go. We even make it easy with free pickup and delivery. Schedule your pickup, leave your items out and get them back clean and fresh and ready for your next autumn outing!