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Packing tips for holiday travel

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you are planning on doing any traveling for the holidays we have a few tips to help you arrive organized and wrinkle free.

Tip 1: Make a list.

It’s always helpful to have a written list you can check off as you pack. Make a list of how many days you will be at your destination and which outfits you wish to wear. Lay them out together before packing so you are sure you don’t forget anything

Tip 2: Use tissue paper.

Using tissue paper in between layers of your garments reduces friction and helps reduce wrinkles too. It may take some extra effort to fold tissue paper along with each garment but the results are worth it if you despise wrinkles.

Packing tips for holiday travel

Tip 3: Stack your pants.

You can also reduce wrinkles in pants by stacking multiple pairs together and folding them in one stack.

Tip 4: Use packing cubes.

Packing cubes are becoming very popular and once you use them you’ll see why. They make it easy to organize by day, article of clothing, or person if you are sharing a suitcase with someone else. They also help save space.

Tip 5: Keep heavy items to the bottom of your suitcase.

Always add shoes, cosmetics and hair styling tools at the bottom of your suitcase so you don’t add pressure to your neatly folded clothes.

Tip 6: Roll clothes.

Another way to save space is by rolling small items like ties and socks and filling your shoes with them. This has the added bonus of helping your shoes keep their shape.

Tip 7: Pack your pajamas last.

Once you arrive at your destination you will probably need your pajamas before anything else. Keep these in a place that is easy to get to so you don’t unfold all your other clothes.

Tip 8: Hang up your clothes.

Once you arrive, take a little bit of time to unpack your clothes. Allowing them to get some air will help reduce wrinkles and smells.

Before you begin your packing, bring your favorite outfits into Prestige for one last cleaning! We will help ensure there are no stains or smells making a journey with you this holiday season!