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How to choose the best hangers to use for dry cleaned clothes

When you pick up freshly cleaned clothes from your dry cleaner they are returned on flimsy wire hangers. These wire hangers are a cost-effective way for us to return your clothes but they are not a long-term solution. If left on wire hangers your clothes may become creased. Wire hangers have also been known to accidentally tear fabric if you’re not careful with the sharp hook. If you’re looking for the best way to store your garments to keep them looking freshly-pressed, here are a few suggestions.

Velvet hangers

Velvet is a good choice for slippery fabrics like silk. While you might think they’re only suited for blouses they may also be a good choice for suits with a silky interior lining that slips off other hangers.

Wood hangers

Wood hangers can be costly up front but they are timeless and the quality lasts forever. Unlike many other hangers, wood hangers won’t lose their wide, sturdy shape. They are the best choice for heavy items that need structure to hold them in place.

Padded hangers

Padded hangers are good for knits or more delicate fabrics. The padding covers up hard materials that might catch on lose threads. However, most padded hangers are built to hold more lightweight materials. You might save padded hangers for special outfits or even costumes.

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with notches perfect for holding blouses and tank tops. They are the most affordable hangers which makes them great if you’re on a budget. You could also use different colors of hangers to organize clothes in your closet. Because plastic hangers are meant to be affordable, it’s important to pay attention to the quality. Cheap plastic hangers may sag over time, causing your fabrics to sag as well.

Multi-tiered hangers

If the biggest concern in your closet is space, a multi-tiered hanger is what you want. They can help stack multiple items to conserve space. Tiered hangers are also a good option for outfits with multiple pieces that go together to keep them organized.

Don’t forget to recycle your hangers

Did you know each year 3.5 billion wire hangers end up in landfills? We like to do our part to prevent that. Wire hangers are not recyclable through the city but you can ask any Prestige employee for a free hanger caddie. Bring it back when it’s full of wire hangers and receive $1 off your next order.

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