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The Dangers of DIY Dry Cleaning

With gas prices starting to sky rocket everyone is looking for ways to save money. You may even be tempted to take dry cleaning into your own hands. If you’ve ever considered doing the dirty work yourself or trying an at-home dry cleaning kit, here are a few reasons you should not:

  1. You may cause damage to the fabrics. At-home dry cleaning kits aren’t built to handle all types of fabrics. Your local dry cleaner works with different fabrics every day and knows the different care instructions for silk versus wool or velvet. Using the same solvent on very different fabrics may cause broken fibers or significant shrinkage.
  2. You may ruin the fit. Many garments are labelled as dry clean only to help maintain their shape and structure. When you throw your clothes into your home dryer, there’s nothing helping maintain that perfect shape.
  3. Strong smells may linger in your clothes. Many at-home dry cleaning kits come packed with strong perfumes and harsh chemicals meant to mask the smells left in your garments but they don’t do a great job of removing the smells. A good dry cleaner can not only remove and body odors in the fabrics but also won’t overwhelm you with a new smell you may not enjoy.
  4. You may sets stains into the garment or create new ones. In the same way that not all solvents are good for every fabric, not all solvents are good for every stain. Some solvents may actually make the stain worse by setting it into the fabric or may react to the fabric in a way that causes new spots to appear.
  5. You may damage embellishments. At-home dry cleaning kits usually ask you to use a solvent on your stains, place the garment into a bag and throw the bag into the dryer but dryers are notoriously tough on clothes. If your clothes have buttons, sequins or intricate stitching, it could be damaged.
  6. Some items don’t fit in a home dryer. If you’re attempting to clean large bedding at home, you may be frustrated when you discover it doesn’t fit in your dryer at home. Dry cleaners have larger machines meant to handle these items in bulk.

Luckily, all these downfalls are easy to avoid when you trust a professional to handle your dry cleaning needs. We handle hundreds of items each day with varying details, fabrics and styles. Whatever issue you need solved—we can help and we strongly suggest leaving the tough jobs to the professionals. Make the job even easier by signing up for free pickup and delivery! Give us a call today!