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How to dress for fall in AZ

After surviving a long hot summer in Arizona, it feels like heaven as soon as the weather dips to double digits but it’s not quite sweater weather yet. Fall in Arizona can be difficult to dress for. It’s still hot during the day but it can cool down significantly at night. We’ve got a few tips to keep you looking great and feeling comfortable.

Choose warm colors

If you’re dying to dress for fall but not ready to throw on a sweater you can still choose warm, fall colors. Deep reds, purples, teal and gold will put you in the mood for fall even if the weather isn’t fully there

Bring on the boots

Boots are a great way to transition to fall because they can be worn with dresses or jeans. They’re a cute way to step into fall without fully committing.

Layer up

The best tactic is to dress in layers. Adding a warm flannel over a tank top will allow you to be comfortable during the day and warm at night. Dress up a summer dress with a jacket and boots.

fall fashion

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