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How to freshen your Sweaters for Fall

If autumn weather has you falling for colorful knit fabrics, you may benefit from a few tips to keep them fresh and comfortable.

Wash and dry

Any fabric that has been sitting for a few months needs a good wash and dry. Take extra care with sweaters. Read the label carefully. Most sweaters need to be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. Woven fabrics are likely to stretch when weighed down with water. Use drying time to ensure the fabric is in the shape you want.

You can also extend time between washes by wearing a t-shirt underneath your sweater. Wearing a t-shirt acts as a barrier between the skin and sweater and helps the sweater stay intact longer. If you’re unsure of the best way to wash your sweater, bring it to Prestige for the best care.

fall sweaters

Seek out snags

Snags and pilling happen often with woven fabrics and can make them look worn and old. You can carefully pull loose strings to the inside of your sweater and tie them off there out of sight. Use a razor to carefully scrape away pills to keep sweaters looking brand new.

Get help

The experts at Prestige are ready to help freshen any tricky fabrics. Take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service to get the chore done quickly and easily. We’ll drop your clothes off at your door clean and ready for the season.