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Dry Cleaning 101: What is it and how does it work?

Have you ever wondered what really happens to clothes at the dry cleaner? How can your clothes really be cleaned without the use of water? How is the process safer for fabrics than the washer and dryer you have at home?

If you have ever been curious about what dry cleaning really means, we have the answers! The process may surprise you.

For hundreds of years people have been wearing fabrics that react and change when exposed to water and for hundreds of years they have been looking for a good way to clean them without those effects.

In the 1800s dry cleaning was first introduced, washing clothes in tubs of gasoline or kerosene rather than water. If you are familiar with these highly flammable chemicals you can see why that wasn’t the best idea.

By the 1940s several non-flammable solvents were created and the dry cleaning business has been through several evolutions since then.

Dry cleaning 101

Today Prestige cleaners uses DF 2000, a friendly cleaning solution that is gentle on clothes and not hazardous to humans. It leaves clothes clean and fresh without any harsh chemical smells.

When you drop your clothes off at Prestige (or take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service) we first take the time to inspect each garment. We look for any loose threads, missing buttons or tears that may be made worse by the cleaning process. We fix what we can and make notes of the rest. We also text the customer and inform them that we can have our seamstress take care of any issues with their permission. (Minor repairs are free: i.e. Buttons, hooks & eyes, partial hems)

Once clothes are inspected we try to pre-treat any obvious stains we see. If you know you have a serious stain when dropping off items, it’s helpful to let us know so we can make notes for the person doing the cleaning.

After a pre-treatment, clothes are loaded into our commercial dry cleaning machine. The water-free solution breaks up any remaining staining and washes it away. A fresh rinse with our solution leaves clothes clean, fresh, and soft.

Following cleaning, clothes are dried and then steamed or pressed to remove any wrinkles before they go home to you. We package clothes with shoulder guards, pads, tissue and collar clips to help keep the right shape. We are always happy to take back your wire hangers and will even give a credit off your next order for all full caddies returned.

Dry cleaning may not be an interest for everyone but it’s a passion for the team at Prestige Cleaners. Whether you need dry cleaning, laundry or tailoring and alterations, we are happy to assist!

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