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Time saving tips for the holiday season

It’s the busiest time of the year! If you’re known for running until you collapse, the holidays probably have you working overtime. Take a deep breath and relax! We have a few tips to help you manage the madness this holiday season.

set a limit

You may need to actually set multiple limits. Set a limit for how much time you’ll spend on a task. Set a limit for how much money you’ll spend. Set a limit for how much effort any task deserves. You know yourself. You may also know the times when you’ve pushed yourself past your limits. There’s no need to do that this year. Set your boundaries and stay within them and refuse to feel guilty about it!

don’t sweat the small stuff

There are a lot of ideas for how to make your holiday magical bombarding you from Instagram and Pinterest. Make this year the year you are OK with doing it your way. It may not be perfect but allow yourself some grace. When something doesn’t turn out perfect, let it go. You’ll save yourself plenty of stress and time by being flexible and moving forward.

Save time with free pickup and delivery from Prestige

We are a little biased on this one but free pickup and delivery for laundry and dry cleaning is a game changer when it comes to saving time. It’s a worry-free way to get your chores done. Imagine how much you could get done if you didn’t have to worry about moving laundry to the dryer, folding and putting away. Let our professional staff assist you with any tough messes your garments may have and use that time to do something for you!