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How to remove self-tanner from anything

If you’re looking for a quick way to get a summer glow you may be tempted to try out a self-tanner but the same chemicals that dye your skin can cause big problems on your mattress, carpet and clothes too. If you’ve discovered a few orange spots around we have some tips to help you get rid of it:


Blot, don’t scrub. As with all carpet stains, you want to try to lift the stain, not press it deeper into the fibers. Try mixing water with a dab of dish soap or liquid carpet cleaner and gently dip a paper towel into the solution. Try not to use too much soap so you don’t leave a soapy residue behind.

Use the paper towel to blot the stain and work your way from the outside in to avoid spreading it. Continue to blot until the stain is gone.


Have you ever thought your tanner was dry before bed and woken up to stained sheets? It’s important to act quickly to get rid of these stains. Run some cold water over the back side of the fabric to push the dye forward.

Apply a small amount of dish soap to the stain and rub gently. Be careful not to rub too fiercely as it may cause you to spread the stain to other parts of the fabric.

Rinse with cold water or throw the entire sheet into the washing machine and run a cold cycle. Check for remaining stains before you let the sheet dry. If the stains remain, try the process one more time or let the sheets soak overnight in a bath of water and your favorite stain-fighting detergent.


There’s nothing worse than finding your faux tanner on your favorite summer outfit. The process for cleaning clothes is generally the same as cleaning your sheets. Try using dish soap to break up the oil used in tanner. A strong detergent will help remove the dye. Avoid drying the garment until you can see the stain has been removed.

Be sure and read the garment’s care instructions before you begin the process. Some fabrics will shrink or distort if they come in contact with water.

If you continue to struggle with unsightly self-tanner stains, bring your items to a trusted dry cleaner. At Prestige Cleaner we can’t guarantee every stain will be lifted but we know the best processes for helping remove the toughest stains.