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How to restore order after the holidays

You did it! You survived the holiday rush—but did your house? If you’re feeling like it’s time to restore some order you are not alone. January is a great time to take stock of what is happening in your home and get things back to the way you love them.

Take time to declutter as you put things away

You have to open up the garage or attic anyway to put away your holiday décor. Take this opportunity to really take a good look. What decorations did you not use this year? Could you donate them or repurpose them in another way? As you clean out those spaces you may discover more room to store items currently taking up space in a closet or pantry.

Don’t forget the small spaces.

As you’re cleaning up garland and pine needles it’s a great time to dust and dust and dust. Bust out the vacuum and reach the tops of window seals and cabinets. Dust off your floorboards and the spaces behind the toilet. You’ll sleep much better knowing even the small spaces are fresh and clean.

Store holiday items carefully.

You can take a break from hosting for a bit and take stock of how well your table cloths and napkins survived. If you’ve got stains, don’t let them sit. Bring your items into Prestige before you put them away for several months. We’ll give them a good washing and make sure they are fresh and ready for your next family gathering.