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Searching for the Right Suit for any occasion

A suit is defined as a jacket and trousers or skirt made of the same fabric and cut and worn as an ensemble. It is a staple for any closet but with so many options for cuts, colors and styles, it can be difficult to find the right fit for you. There are a few tips, however, that are always good to live by.

Embrace the classics.

A dark suit with a light colored button up underneath is a classic look that’s suitable for any professional environment. A good black or navy suit will serve you well in just about any situation.
For men who don’t dress up often, a classic business suit may be the way to go as it can be dressed up or down. For women, a skirt is more traditional and easier to pair with a variety of tops, but trousers may provide more comfort or warmth.

Seek structure.

You may think boxy shoulders may be just for men but with certain body types it can be carried well by women. Don’t be afraid to give a looser fit with more structure a chance. Fabrics like wool will naturally provide more structure.

Dress it down.

It can be fun to switch things up by wearing a blazer in a casual environment. Wear a blazer with jeans or over a tight fitting dress. Men can dress down a blazer or opt for a more casual sports jacket, which is half lined to provide more breathability.


Opt for tailor made.

When given the choice between off the rack or tailor made, it’s always a good idea to go with something made just for you. Alterations made by a tailor will ensure you get the perfect fit and a suit you can wear for years to come.

Make it formal.

If you’re looking for a suit that’s perfect for a formal wedding or a black tie event, not all suits are suitable. Choose something double breasted or made with a smoother fabric that gives a slight shine. Custom details like buttons and pocket styles are important to pay attention to.

Whatever suit suits you, you can bring to Prestige to keep it fresh and clean. We know all the tricks for ensuring your suit is ready to go for every scenario.