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Back-to-School Made Easy

Heading back to school doesn’t have to be a hassle when you have these organizational tips.

Where did the summer go? Most Scottsdale-area students head back to class on Monday, Aug. 5. To make the back-to-school routine less stressful, here are some organizational suggestions to help families navigate returning to Valley classrooms.

Pre-Made Car Bags: Tuck pre-made bags in your car filled with spare chargers, snacks, extra pens and pencils, and any items your child is likely to occasionally forget or misplace. Readily available, you’ll be able to whip out what’s necessary at a moment’s notice, even in the carpool lane.

Supply Stash Nook: You don’t want to head to the store right before closing time to get last-minute poster board or markers to complete your child’s due-the-next-day assignment. Avoid scrambling for supplies last minute by maintaining a supply nook with glue, markers, construction paper, notebooks, etc.

Lunchbox Cupboard: Preparation is key. Store all lunchbox accessories including containers, Ziploc bags, thermoses, and pre-packaged, non-perishable snacks in a dedicated cupboard spot for convenient access. The school routine will be easier if you can reach to one spot for lunch-making duty.

Refrigerated Lunch Shelf: Now that you have a lunchbox cupboard, you need a lunch shelf in your fridge. Thank you to Martha Stewart for suggesting keeping pre-washed, pre-cut, pre-portioned veggies and fruits in Ziploc bags, along with cheeses, sandwich meats, and condiments all together for more efficient lunch preparation.

Ready to Wear School Clothes Drawer: Designate one dedicated area to keep your child’s school clothing, so when morning arrives, your child knows exactly where to find clean school clothes. Better yet, keep entire coordinating outfits (top, bottom, undergarments, etc.) together so precious morning time isn’t wasted looking for what goes with what. At the beginning of the school year, it’s also a good idea to make sure your child’s clothes fit well. Back-to-school clothing, especially school uniforms should be professionally altered for the ideal fit. Prestige Cleaners is here to help. We offer pant, skirt, and dress hems for $18 each and pleated skirt hems for $20 each at our seven Scottsdale locations.

Want more back-to-school tips? Here are links to some great advice.


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