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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Etiquette

Bring your garments into Prestige Cleaners for Premier Service and Clean

Bringing your garments into Prestige Cleaners is an excellent choice for your clothing items that shouldn’t be washed in a regular washing machine or ones that you simply don’t have the ability or time to clean yourself. From the overall look and feel that dry cleaning provides, to the ease and convenience that our dry cleaning and laundry services offer, bringing your garments to any of Prestige Cleaners’ eight Scottsdale locations saves you time, money, and hassle, while prolonging the longevity and crisp appearance of your clothing.

At Prestige Cleaners, we want to make sure your experience with us is amazing and that we handle your clothing exactly to your specifications. While a trip to Prestige Cleaners is a quick errand for you, our staff takes great pride in the time they spend on your garments. With that in mind, here are a few tips to get the most out of your Prestige experience.

Don’t try to spot-treat your dry-clean-only garments

No matter what the stain, water, commercial treatments, soap, hairspray, ice, or homebrewed concoctions will likely get the stain out––actually, they’ll usually do more damage. Want to increase the odds a stain will be removed? Get the stained garment to Prestige Cleaners as quickly as possible.

Your beauty products are wreaking havoc on your clothing

Deodorants, lotions, perfume, hair products, teeth whiteners, and most anything in your medicine cabinet is disastrous when paired with fabric. From acid, alcohol, or bleaching agents, today’s beauty products contain a dizzying amount of chemicals that can permanently stain your garments if they’re not taken to the dry cleaner immediately. If you accidentally get any personal care items on your garments, head to Prestige Cleaners as soon as possible.

Be honest about stains

We have a number of cleaning solutions in our arsenal and we try to use the most appropriate one for the stain. We’ll have a better chance of removing a stain if we know exactly what caused it, so please tell your Prestige customer service rep exactly what caused the blemish.

Always clean both pieces of a suit at the same time

While you might take off your suit jacket every morning you reach the office, you should still bring it in to be cleaned with your suit pants. If you drop off your slacks to be cleaned more often, over time, the shades of the garments will no longer be in synch and will likely be drastically different shades.

Never store your clothes in the dry cleaner’s bags

Prestige Cleaners sends your clothes home in a biodegradable plastic bag to ensure your garments stay clean and dry in transit. We urge you to remove the bags upon placement in your closet so that moisture doesn’t get trapped inside and cause damage over time.

Store garments clean

Sweat, body odor, and stains can set in if left unattended. They can also attract cloth-damaging insects. Meanwhile, stains that can be invisible to the naked eye initially can oxidize and turn brown over time. By cleaning your clothing before storage you can avoid long-term damage.


At Prestige, we take pride and care in all we do, this includes inspecting all garments prior to cleaning for loose items and so that we can protect all non-removable affixed items. We return all items found in pockets upon pick up. We don’t process in haste. Also, you can rest assured that all minor repairs like replacing a button or fixing a fallen hem are taken care of for free.

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