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Take Back Laundry Day


How to put 103 hours a year back into your life by taking back laundry day.

Dirty shirts. Soiled pants. Stinky athletic wear. Missing socks. Doing laundry isn’t pleasant. The time-consuming process of sorting, loading, unloading, and folding is a pain. And, it’s something that has to be done over and over again.

How much time does the average American family spend doing laundry? Well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics looked into the matter of time spent doing household chores. It’s no shocker that laundry takes up a large chunk of time.

Take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ numbers below.


While it’s not surprising that “on an average day, women spent more than twice as much time preparing food and drink and doing interior cleaning, and over three times as much time doing laundry as did men,” take a look at the average time spent doing laundry.

Women, on average, spend 17 minutes per day on laundry-related activities. Add this up: 17 minutes per day x 365 days per year. It equates to an average of 6,205 minutes per year spent doing laundry! That’s roughly 103 hours a year that is wasted on laundry.

Imagine the time and effort saved if the tedious task of doing laundry magically disappeared from your to-do list and you got back 103 hours of time. Guess what, you don’t have to imagine this scenario. Prestige Cleaners makes the magic happen in Scottsdale so that you never have to do laundry again.

Our Wash & Fold service is simple and makes laundry hassle free. Here’s how it works: sign up for our free Scottsdale (and surrounding areas) Route Pickup and Delivery services directly from the Prestige Cleaners app or by calling us at 480-346-4646. Tell us how you want your laundry washed and where you’d like us to leave and have it dropped off. No worries, if you won’t be home, you can instruct your Personal Route Specialist to go around to the back. We can also pick up from your office, whatever works for you. Our expert cleaners will ensure that your clothes are cleaned, folded, and returned, ready for you and your family to enjoy.

It’s that simple and the service is only $3.50/lb. Fed up with not having the time to do the things you enjoy? Schedule a Prestige pickup today and add more hours to your life.


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