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Enjoy a Low-Waste Lifestyle with Precycling

What is Precycling?

A low-waste lifestyle with precycling.

If recycling had a best friend, it would be precycling. Precycling is about reducing your impact on what goes into the waste stream by purchasing and using items that are unpackaged, reusable or recycled.

Prestige Cleaners offers several opportunities to our customers. Below are a few precycling options.

Payment receipts emailed versus paper
Reusable garment bags
Reusable wash ’n fold bags
Reusable laundry shirt fold bags
Express bags
Hanger caddie for return of hangers
Option to omit poly, tissue, or quit caps
Free pick up and delivery
Alterations/mending to increase the life of the garments

Precycling or adopting a low-waste lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It takes intention and practice. Here are some steps to get you started.

BYOB: Bring your own bottle and bag. A lot of us drink bottled water or use plastic grocery bags, but these products can be a problem because plastic gas can’t be recycled in your curbside program and only one of every four plastic water bottles are recycled in the U.S. You can easily reduce––or stop––using these by switching to reusable water bottles and grocery bags.

Give old towels another life. Once bath towels have lost their fluffy luster, cut them into smaller squares and use them as dishcloths, dusting, or general cleaning. It’s an easy and simple way to get the most out of them, saving money and waste.

Recycle materials with impact. While it can be challenging to reduce your reliance on packaged goods, you can make a difference by choosing packaging that’s most beneficial to recycle. For example, aluminum cans or glass jars can be recycled numerous times, conserving energy and natural resources.


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