How to Dress for Success

How to Dress for Success

Get ahead with these dress for success tips.

Dressing for success leads to success and research shows that when people wear certain attire they’re considered more accomplished and confidant. While office-appropriate attire has changed over the years, the old adage “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” still holds true. Not only is appropriate dress a way of showing respect, it shows you’re paying attention to your environment and that you’re a serious professional.

Wear Clean and Pressed Clothing

Nothing says “slacker” more than crumpled attire. If you’re unable to clean and press your clothing properly (without leaving creases), have Prestige Cleaners do the work. We’ll professionally clean and press your clothing so it looks new and ready for you to wear to the office.

Shine Your Shoes

Work shoes should look well cared for and shined regularly. Also, if your soles are worn, invest in getting a cobbler to replace them. Tired, worn out shoes indicate you don’t pay attention to details. 

Invest in Quality Basics

White shirts and suits never go out of style in the business world. Invest in quality, well-fitting pieces in traditional silhouettes like a black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and tailored trousers in gray, black, or tan. The professional seamstresses at Prestige Cleaners can help you achieve the correct proportions for your business attire if you’re unsure.

Maintain Your Clothes

Aside from keeping your clothes clean and well pressed, regularly inspect your business attire to make sure there are no missing buttons, stains, tears, or uneven hems. At Prestige, we keep an eye out for imperfections and perform minor complementary repairs like replacing missing buttons when you bring your clothing in for dry cleaning.

Hide Tattoos

While tattoos are no longer frowned upon, some people still consider them off putting in an office environment. Uncovered tattoos during office hours could hinder your advancement and leave you passed over for a promotion.

Stay in Neutral Territory

You want to draw attention to your outstanding work, not your attire. Veer away from loud colors and patterns and stick with neutral shades that convey restraint and taste.

Don’t Wear these Items

Avoid low-cut tops, shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, and graphic tee shirts. Far too casual for an office environment, wearing these items makes you look unprofessional. Best to keep your attire classy and timeless.

Takeaway tip: Keep it neutral, keep it covered, and keep it classy.

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