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Tips to Care for All Your Favorite Summer Items

The lazy days of summer imply sun, sand, and social gatherings––all great things, yet these elements can do a number on your warm-weather wardrobe. There are many easy ways to care for your beloved summer items. Here are five tricks to keeping your favorite summer clothes looking fresh and cool this season.

  1. How to care for swimwear: Swimwear is probably your most worn item if you live in Scottsdale year round and plan to spend even a fair amount of time poolside or intend to travel to a vacation destination. Your swimsuit should be washed every time it’s worn, regardless if you go in the pool or ocean. Chlorine and saltwater are the obvious threats, but the ingredients found in sunscreen can break down the fibers in fabric and cause damage to the material as well. To reduce color fading, wash your swimsuit by hand after each wear and use a laundry detergent specifically designed for delicates.
  2. How to keep whites their whitest: Wearing white in the summer is always on trend, but it can be hard keeping your crisp, neatly laundered items looking their best. Keep a stain-stick in your bag at all times for any minor spots or stains. Wash your whites in cold water with a non-chlorine, oxygen-based bleach detergent and fold them inside out before washing. Never machine wash whites with even light colored clothing. If in doubt, or stubborn stains won’t come out, bring them to Prestige Cleaners.
  3. Keep sandals looking brand new: Summer sandals can take a beating during the summer months. After all, the highest concentration of perspiration on our bodies comes from our feet. While it doesn’t sound very attractive, the truth is that as our body temperature rises we can expect sweaty feet in the summer. In order to keep your sandals looking (and smelling) clean, you should get in the habit of wiping them down with a wet cloth or sponge to remove any oil and dirt to prevent discoloration and build-up.
  4. Summer time scarves: A lightweight scarf is the ideal accessory during the hot summer months because it can jazz up even the simplest of summer attire. When you are done wearing your scarf, give it a light spritz of fabric refresher or plain water in a spray bottle will even do the trick. Fold the scarf in half and hang on a hanger to air dry. The spritzing will release the wrinkles making it look brand new for the next party or office meeting.
  5. How to clean straw accessories, including hats, beach totes, handbags: Nothing says summer quite like a straw fedora or striped, straw beach tote. Even a quick trip to the beach or resort pool and these items tend to get stepped on or spilled on. Never fear, they can be washed off with a wet cloth and a spritz of water. After cleaning your hat or tote, stuff a clean beach towel in the tote and a hand towel in the hat will help the fibers of the straw regain their shape as they dry.


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