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Prom Essentials

Prom Essentials

It’s prom season! High schoolers around the Valley are excited for the annual festivities that surround this special rite of passage. At Prestige Cleaners, we love seeing all the beautiful prom dresses that come through our Scottsdale doors for dry cleaning and alterations. To help make shopping for a prom dress easier and to keep you organized on the big night, the Prestige team rounded up 10 tips to successful prom dress shopping and 10 prom essentials to carry with you on the big night.

10 Prom Dress Shopping Tips

  1. Start shopping early
  2. Set a budget
  3. Know the school rules
  4. Try different shapes, lengths, and necklines
  5. Don’t get stuck on a color
  6. Ask about undergarments
  7. Don’t bring a huge entourage to shop
  8. Allow plenty of time
  9. Don’t get stuck on a specific color
  10. Remember accessories (evening handbag, jewelry, and shoes)


10 Prom Essentials to Carry on the Big Night

  1. Lip gloss or tint: keep your lips fresh all night long with an easy to apply gloss or a matte lip tint that doubles as blush.
  2. Safety pins or double-sided tape: Don’t let a malfunctioning zipper or wayward strap keep you from dancing the night away.
  3. Compact mirror & concealer: You don’t need a bathroom for a quick touch-up with a travel mirror and mini concealer.
  4. Band aides: Have some adhesive bandages on hand in case your shoes start to give you blisters.
  5. Travel-size deodorant: Don’t let a night of dancing stop you from smelling fresh.
  6. Blotting papers: Avoid shine while keeping sweat and makeup in check with blotting papers.
  7. Mini portable cell phone charger: Don’t let you phone and its all-important camera feature die mid-prom, carry a mini charger and you don’t have to worry.
  8. Hair ties, mini hairspray, and bobby pins: There’s no danger of a hair emergency when you come prepared. For extra hold, spray your bobby pins with hairspray before pinning them in your hair.
  9. Gum or mints: Banish bad breath on the go.
  10. Nail clipper cutter tool: Don’t let a broken nail or stray thread threaten to unravel your night.

Don’t forget to get your prom dresses cleaned after the big night. Clean garments store better. If you don’t plan on wearing your prom dress again, consider donating it to The Cinderella Project, which collects gently used formal gowns, handbags, and accessories for girls who are financially unable to purchase these items for the prom. For more info, visit

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