Five Ways to Spot Quality Clothing

Five Ways to Spot Quality Clothing

  1. Fabric Patterns that Match Up at the Seams: Check the side seams and around pockets, the patterns should match at the seams. For bold patterns, like stripes, florals, and plaids, poorly matched seams look sloppy and indicate poor construction of the garment.
  2. Neat Buttonholes: Before purchasing, completely button the garment to assess if the buttonholes are the proper size for the buttons. Buttonholes should have tight stitching and a neat slot for the button. Also make sure the buttons are firmly sewn on and there aren’t threads sticking out.
  3. Strong Stitching: A quality garment will feature stitching with good thread and a high number of stiches per inch. Check to see if the thread is strong enough to hold the fabric together. Is the stitching reinforced where it should be? Avoid clothing that shows signs of missed stiches, unraveling, crooked lines, snags, and other imperfections.
  4. Substantial Zippers: Pay attention to any zippers on a garment. Consider the ease of zipping. Is the zipper difficult to move up and down? Does it get caught on the fabric easily? Keep in mind that metal zippers are usually more durable and will hold up better over time. However, metal zippers are typically too heavy for lighter fabrics like jersey knit. In this case, look for quality molded plastic zippers and avoid flimsy plastic ones that can often break, get stuck, or go off track. Exposed zippers should also be avoided unless they’re a design element. Zippers should lie flat and be covered with a placket.
  5. Finished Seams: Good seams are paramount to the proper fit of a garment. Make sure they lay flat and are devoid of puckers and other imperfections. Inspect clothing inside out for finished seams. Unfinished edges are another sign of poor construction. Serged edges indicate quality, but flat-felled seams, bound seams, and French seams are the true mark of high-end.

Want to learn more about spotting quality clothing? Prestige Cleaners’ knowledgeable staff, including our talented seamstresses, can offer suggestions on how to identify quality clothing that stands the test of time.

Pro-tip: To make inexpensive garments look more expensive, bring them to Prestige Cleaners. Our expert seamstresses can make clothing look higher quality with a few quick, simple, inexpensive fixes like changing out buttons, tailoring the garment to your unique measurements, or tweaking the stitching or replacing zippers.

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