5 Tips for Working Moms

All moms are working moms. But, for moms facing the additional challenge of working outside the home, here’re some tips to help navigate a busy day.

  1. Write Down Activities & Tasks

You don’t need to be superwoman and carry the weight of the home on your shoulders. Write down each activity and task you do daily, including how long each one typically takes to accomplish. Next, number your activities and eliminate unnecessary time wasters. Why not outsource your laundry to Prestige Cleaner? We offer free home pick-up and delivery. Think how much time you’ll time you’ll save by having Prestige do your laundry and dry cleaning. Visit https://new.prestigecleaners.com/services/free-pickup-and-delivery/ for more info.

  1. Delegate Chores

You’re not the only one in the family. Start delegating basic chores that other members of your household can perform. Create a chore chart with names, days of the week, and times. Place it in an area for everyone to see and make sure others pull their weight.

  1. Pre-Prep Meals

Home-cooked meals don’t have to take hours. Block some time each week to chop and season all your meats for the week, or pre-prepare items to store in your refrigerator and freezer. Consider food delivery/meal prep companies like Foodpanda to lighten your meal-prep load. Companies like www.blueapron.com customize your menu, and delivery all the ingredients needed to make healthy gourmet meals straight to your doorstep.

  1. Map Your Route

For working moms, a lot of time is spent driving to work, appointments, the grocery store, or to activities. To maximize your time behind the wheel, strategize your driving plan by mapping out your Phoenix route beforehand. If a certain section of the freeway is busy in the evenings, take an alternative route that offers proximity to another necessary stop. Visit http://www.az511.gov/traffic/ to obtain the most current road conditions and information for Scottsdale and surrounding cities.

  1. Learn How to Say “No”

The biggest challenge for most working moms is saying, “no.” If saving time is a struggle for you, taking on more projects, activities, etc., will only add more burdens. If you can’t successfully include more on your plate, don’t take on more.

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