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Keeping Athletic Uniforms Clean

With a fresh new school year, the youth sports season in Scottsdale is getting underway. The temperatures are still scorching, which means sweaty jerseys and every type of uniform from football to volleyball. The key to surviving the season is to make uniforms last. While you can’t prevent grass stains from happening, check out these tips to keep sports uniforms looking their best.


  1. Use a damp sponge to remove any mud before tossing in the washing machine. If you can get the mud off before it has a chance to dry and set in, it will make it easier to clean the uniforms while keeping your machine running at its best. If possible, brush the wet mud off while your child is still wearing the uniform.


  1. Follow the washing instructions on the uniform tags. If it says to wash in “cold,” be sure to check your washing machine settings before starting the load.


  1. A few common household additives added to your laundry will also help remove stains and stinky smells. A cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar added to your regular detergent does the trick every time.


  1. When the wash cycle is done, promptly remove the uniforms and place on hangers to air dry to preserve the fabric. If the uniforms have stretched during wear, you can put them on a low setting in the dryer for a couple of minutes unless the tag specifically says “do not dry.”


  1. Be cautious about jersey numbers that can come off in high heat in the dryer or left in the car for long periods of time. Light colored jersey numbers can be brightened up using a magic erase sponge to keep them looking bright.


  1. Keep wet or sweaty uniforms well ventilated; meaning remind your kids not to put their uniforms in a sealed, airtight plastic bag that can cause mold and mildew.


  1. When in doubt, ask your dry cleaner about any specific stains and have them professionally dry cleaned at least once or twice a year. At Prestige Cleaners, we can also repair torn or ripped uniforms.


  1. Remind your kids frequently that uniforms need special care and attention.


Did you know?

Prestige Cleaners sews patches on Girls and Boys Scout uniforms. We also preserve items in memory boxes, from sports/scouts/dance recital/etc. outfits.

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