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Shirts––launder or dry clean?

At Prestige Cleaners, we often get asked if shirts need to be dry cleaned or laundered?

It’s a good question. Our answer: it depends. Understanding the difference between dry cleaning and laundering helps to determine how to effectively and safely clean individual shirts.

First, let’s start with dry cleaning, which uses chemicals but no water. Commercial laundering, on the other hand, involves H2O and a powerful, professional machine combined with special detergents designed to remove stains. In most cases, laundering, instead of dry cleaning, saves you money and cleans your shirts better. With that being said, if you’re in doubt, it’s best to check a shirt’s care label, especially for women’s shirts. If the tag is vague, inspect the fabric. Heavy embellishment or fabrics like wool, silk, and cashmere, should be dry cleaned to preserve the integrity of the fabric.

The advantages of having your shirts laundered by Prestige Cleaners are many.

Not only do we use more concentrated detergents than you can buy at the supermarket, our spotting solutions help wipe out specific stains and are more potent than those available to the public. Also, if you like starch on your shirts, Prestige’s commercial spray starch offers a much cleaner and more uniform look. Meanwhile, shirts have a lot of wrinkles when they come out of the wash. While you could iron them yourself, it takes a lot of time and there are often wrinkles still in the fabric. Prestige uses a commercial machine press that banishes the wrinkles for a professional finish, each and every time. Combine this with the free bonuses you get, like free replacement of any broken or missing buttons and it’s clear why you should bring your shirts into Prestige to get cleaned. We also have eight Scottsdale locations to serve you, so we’re never far away.




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