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Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Clothing Wardrobe

Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wardrobe

Can’t justify overspending on your clothing wardrobe? Do you envy your bargain-shopping friends? You don’t have to spend your entire paycheck to have an amazing closet of clothes. Check out these wardrobe saving tips:

  1. Reversible, multi-wearable clothing is not only comfortable, but also versatile and economical; you can often create up to 12 outfits with three basic pieces. Look for soft knit jersey fabrics that fit well and are made with quality materials. You’ll be maximizing your wardrobe and be able to go from day to night in a snap. Clothing companies offering reversible, multi-wearable clothing include items like dresses, shawls, and tops from to men’s reversible shirts by companies such as,, and
  2. Recycling means cool savings. Shopping at resale shops isn’t just for those on a tight budget. Scottsdale has some of the best consignment stores where you can find quality, trendy, and designer fashion for less than half off retail prices including the popular resale shop Many of the bargains you can score still have the price tags on them or have never been worn. Making the time to bargain hunt can save you $50 on a pair of Lululemon crops or $300 on a pair of Jimmy Choo heels.
  3. Rent online. Yes, you can rent designer handbags online for a special occasion or rent formal wear for that one-time event at online purveyors like www.renttherunway and
  4. Avoid buying trendy items with top dollar price tags. Instead, buy on-trend accessories at low-cost retailers. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on items such as scarves, hats and the latest fashion sunglasses that will go out of style by next season.
  5. Buy off season. Score some major deals at the end of each seasons. For instance, buy bathing suits in August and coats in February, which are heavily discounted to make room for incoming seasonal inventory. 
  6. Quality over quantity when it comes to basics. By now you have probably found the brand of jeans that fit “just right” for your body type or the button-down white blouse that doesn’t stretch in “those” places. Go ahead, splurge on a few basic essentials that you will wear time and time again. A few durable, high quality T-shirts and shorts will go with everything and will hold up in the laundry.
  7. Take good care of your clothes. When it comes to your favorite knit sweaters and tees, it’s best to fold these items as hanging on a hanger for any length of time can stretch the shape of the item. Wear a camisole under delicate blouses to protect from sweat stains and always follow the washing instructions. Do not attempt to wash dry cleaning items at home––you wouldn’t want to risk damaging, shrinking, or ruining your favorite little black dress. Pick up a mini sewing kit if you don’t already have one and reinforce any loose buttons before you leave home. Better yet, bring your clothing to Prestige Cleaners for extra care, including free minor repairs that include button replacement, hooks ‘n eyes, and fallen hems.








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