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Our 50th Anniversary

Next year (2014) our company, Prestige Cleaners will celebrate our 50th Anniversary!

This is a milestone VERY few small businesses get to enjoy!

To mark this accomplishment we are updating everything the customer sees to incorporate the “50th”. We are currently redesigning our lobbies and storefronts, and this fall we will unveil our new look. All our marketing materials, hangers, capes, business cards, letterhead, anything with a logo will also change!

We are hoping to get our local media excited and let our communities know what we have accomplished! We have stories of second generation customers, suppliers and staff! This has been possible because of the hard work, and our respect for our employees, suppliers, communities and customers. Some of you have been at Prestige ten, twenty, thirty plus years. Some less than one, all have helped us to the pinnacle! We have paid out tens of millions of dollars in wages, taxes and community support. We have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and hope to do so for many years to come.

Dad would say, “Stick around, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

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