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The Importance of Quarterly Cleanings

There is nothing more satisfying than climbing into bed at night but you might not sleep as easily if you knew how dirty your comforter might be. Dander, dust and sweat are naturally collected by fabrics over time and when your items can’t be washed in a regular machine, you need to take extra care.

We recommend cleaning all your household items, like curtains, cloth napkins, table cloths, comforters, shams and duvets once a quarter. The best way to remember is to have them cleaned each time the season changes (though that may be harder to determine in Phoenix!) You should also clean bedding if someone in the home was recently sick, to prevent those germs from spreading.

Before you attempt cleaning any of these items on your own, be sure and read the tag. You may be surprised how many fabrics are dry clean only–even the fabrics that are regularly used on your bed.

If your items are machine washable, you may need to do a test to see if they truly fit into your machine. They should fit comfortably, without too much smushing. Many machines have a setting for bulky items but if you have an older machine, the water may not get high enough to really clean your item.

The Importance of Quarterly Cleanings

At Prestige Cleaners we have the machines to do the job well and the knowledge to care for stains and for the most delicate fabrics. We even offer free pickup and delivery to conveniently have your bulky and long household items cleaned easy and fast!

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