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Helpful Tips to Keep Laundry in Check

Love it or hate it, laundry is a reality of life. Most of us wish we could wake up each morning to find our piles of dirty laundry magically washed, dried, folded, and put away by the laundry fairy.

Scottsdale-based Prestige Cleaners is as close to a laundry fairy as possible.

From dropping off and picking up your laundry from your home or business, we dry clean, launder, dry, and fold everything from clothing to sheets––we even provide alterations at each of our eight convenient Scottsdale locations. So, if you’ve ever wished for a laundry fairy, guess what, Prestige is here for you. Meanwhile, here are five helpful tips to help keep your family’s laundry in check.

  1. Provide each family member with a large mesh bag to put their dirty socks into after the socks are worn. Come laundry day, just zip each bag and throw them into the wash. Voila, no more missing socks. You’ll also find it much easier to match up the socks. This is also a great idea for underwear.
  1. The next time you need to replace towels or sheets, consider opting for white. White is much easier to get clean and easier to decorate with. Worried about mixing up everyone’s sheets? Color code, in permanent ink, the corner of each sheet or pillowcase to designate whose set it is.
  1. For fresh grease spots on clothing, try rubbing them with white chalk. In most cases, this will remove the grease.
  1. Don’t stack when putting clothing away in drawers. Instead, fold and roll, loading them from back to front in your drawers. This keeps all items tidy, visible, and allows for more efficient use of space.
  1. Use shoeboxes or drawer organizers for socks and underwear. You can further organize them by business socks, athletic, and leisure socks and/or underwear type.


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