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Don’t Throw Wire Hangers in Your City of Scottsdale Recycling Bin!

Did you know that while you can recycle your wire hangers at any Scottsdale-area Prestige Cleaners, you can’t recycle wire hangers through the city of Scottsdale?

That’s right, according to Scottsdale waste management officials, not only can’t you throw your metal hangers in your mauve recycling bin, if your trash collector sees them in your bin (or any other items from the Do Not Recycle list) they’ll leave your can untouched. This also goes for any plastic bags, including dry cleaning bags, all of which are the biggest contaminant in Scottsdale’s recycling program. Indeed, plastic bags and liners can damage the automated equipment at the Material Recover Facility where all of the Scottsdale recyclables are sorted!

Not to worry, Prestige Cleaners has you covered. Don’t toss out your hangers and add to the 3.5 billion wire hangers that end up in landfills every year––totaling 312,000 pounds of steel! Instead, ask a Prestige staff member for one of our free hanger caddies. When full, return it, and receive $1 off your next order. Get some green for being green.

As a bonus to our valued customers, Prestige Values Program includes reusable garment bags as a reward for our customers who want to protect the environment. Just redeem your loyalty reward points for one of these stylish and sturdy nylon bags the next time you swing by. We’re also one of the few dry cleaners in the state to offer biodegradable poly bags or the option of no poly bags, which helps landfill management.

Speaking of trash and recycling management, here’s a quick guide to Scottsdale’s approved recyclables, for a complete list, please follow the link at the bottom. Remember, as Scottsdale’s Recycling Mascot Wyatt Earth says, “If it’s not on the list, please resist!”


Recycle: beverage cans and clean aluminum foil

Don’t Recycle: food trays, pie plates, folding chair frames


Recycle: milk, juice, and ice cream containers

Don’t Recycle: foil juice bags


Recycle: corrugated cardboard boxes, dry food boxes such as cereal, cake mix, and cracker containers (minus liner), shoe boxes, pizza boxes, empty paper towel, an and toilet tissue

Don’t Recycle: packing material, bar soap or detergent boxes, wax or plastic liners


Recycle: glass food and beverage containers (clear, green, or amber)

Don’t Recycle: light bulbs, window glass, mirror glass, ceramics or pottery

Paper & Magazines

Recycle: newspapers, magazines, computer and writing paper, beverage cups, junk mail, brown paper grocery bags, file folders

Don’t Recycle: paperback or hardbound books, paper towels, gift wrap, diapers, pet food, FedEx or self-sealing envelopes

Click here for a complete list of Scottsdale’s approved recyclables:

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