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5 Essential Travel Packing Tips

5 Essential Travel Packing Tips to Help Make Traveling Easier

With the kids almost out of school and summer vacation around the corner, most of us in Scottsdale can’t wait to leave the Valley for travels to cooler northern Arizona spots or beyond. With that in mind, it’s time to get packing. Here are 5 essential packing tips for travelers from the clothing experts at Prestige Cleaners.

1. Make a packing list––and check it twice.

Where are you going, what will you need? What sorts of activities will you be doing? Find out what the daily day and nighttime temperatures are for your destination during the time of your visit. The more you know about your destination, the better prepared you’ll be when determining a packing list. There are a number of packing checklists you can find online that you can customize for your particular trip. Don’t forget about additional items you might need on your vacation, like aspirin, eye drops, or an umbrella.

2. Neat and orderly––rules!

While there’s debate among travel experts whether rolling or folding is best, take the hassle out of choosing and bring your travel clothing to Prestige Cleaners. Just mention to one of our friendly customer service reps that you want your items folded, not hung, and we’ll clean them and expertly fold your clothes so that they’ll neatly fit within your suitcase.

3. Know your airline’s baggage-fee policy.

Each airline has different baggage-fee policies and they’re constantly changing. For instance, Frontier Airlines, which flies out of Sky Harbor International Airport, now charges up to $30 each for carry-on baggage, in addition to their checked-baggage fee. Know your carrier’s baggage-fee policies so that you have a budget-minded packing strategy in place. Before you start packing and maybe even prior to purchasing a ticket, check out the airline’s website and read its baggage policies.

4. Pack multi-purpose garments.

Multi-purpose items, such as a jacket that turns into a vest, or pants that turn into shorts, or a dress that can be worn as swimsuit cover up but also can be worn out to dinner, drastically reduces the number of things you need to bring on your trip and cuts down on the weight of your suitcase.

5. Never pack essentials in your checked luggage.

Don’t stow your passport, identification, medication, credit cards, jewelry, or other valuable or important documentation in checked baggage. While it seems obvious, don’t put your wallet in your suitcase either. Because if the airline loses your luggage, or it falls into the wrong hands, you’ll regret it. If traveling internationally, it is, however, a good idea to take multiple copies of your passport and pack one copy in each of your suitcases.


Bonus Tip!

Use packing aids

One of the greatest travel inventions are the packing aids that have sprung up on the market in the past couple of years. Not only do they help organize and keep your stuff safe, they can also prevent spills, and make it easier and less disrupting if the TSA ever needs to search your bag. FYI, the Container Store near Whole Foods, just off the 101 and Scottsdale Road is having a sale on their travel aids through the month of May.


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